Partner organisations


The Danish Committee for Health Education (DCHE) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, which was founded in 1964. 
DCHE has close working relations with public authorities like the Ministry of Health, the National Board of Health and private organizations in the health field. The membership organizations are primarily professional associations in the health field and the associations of county councils and local authorities. Sponsored by mainly public health authorities, DCHE develops and produces health promotion material on many themes and to many target groups. DCHE has worked extensively with patient empowerment during the last 10-15 years by gaining specific expertise in developing, implementing and evaluating patient education, where the trainers consist of health professionals as well as volunteers of non-health professionals. 


Greek Carers Network EPIONI is a national non-profit organization established in 2016 by a group of citizens who are caregivers or former caregivers. We aim to support individuals who work as informal, unpaid carers of family members or friends struggling with a physical or mental illness, disability or addiction. EPIONI activities include organizing informative events, providing information about health issues, sharing good practices for the benefit of carers and providing carers with practical advice and emotional support. To materialize its vision for carers in Greece, EPIONI is also actively involved in promoting key policy changes through national and EU legislation. 

Klinika za psihijatriju Vrapče

The University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče in Croatia provides inpatient mental health care for 7000 patients a year and outpatient treatments for users mostly from Zagreb and surroundings (0,8M). With about 700 employees (among them 60 psychiatrists, 8 psychologists, 8 social workers, 2 social pedagogues, and 260 nurses), UPH Vrapče is an integral part of Croatian health care system; the care is free of charge for the users, covered by a state-owned insurance company. The owner of the UPH Vrapče is Zagreb City, which provides the continuity of financing of various programs if needed, and supports the hospital’s infrastructural enhancements.

Safe Space Portugal

Safe Space Associação Saúde Mental Portugal is an NGO whose main objective is to promote the social support and integration of individuals with mental illness. Their role in the project will be that of contributing to all WPs and piloting the training material in Portugal. In Portugal they will work in partnership with DG Health of the Portuguese Government. Safe Space Associação Saúde Mental from Portugal organizes each year a festival of cinema, arts, literature that aims to promote mental health in adults. MENTAL Festival is supported by several institutions such as the Ministry of Health and the National Program for Mental Health, but also the Ministry of Culture. It also works for the inclusion of people with mental illness, by inviting them on stage, in a theatre featuring dance and other shows.

Don Luigi Di Liegro

The poor, the weak, the marginalized. Don Luigi Di Liegro assisted them for four decades, from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, to help bring them back into society, before the eyes of the many who had turned away. Twenty years ago, after his death, we created an international non-profit foundation that bears his name and which is recognized as a “moral body” by the Ministry of the Interior.

We provide personalized and updated information to those who need help making their way through local mental health services. Mental health training is one of the Foundation’s main objectives, to encourage social integration and therapeutic treatment. Our creative workshops are our most important asset. We create support communities through self-help and empowerment groups that we support and guide; facilitating communication with institutions.


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