Art & Mental Health Forum (GR)

Developing an open dialogue on the development of a sustainable psychiatric reform

On Saturday 13 November 2021, the 3rd Panagiotis Sakellaropoulos Forum on “Art & Mental Health” was successfully organized with distinguished people from the field of mental health and culture, and artists – service recipients. SSP P. Sakellaropoulos is a non-profit, scientific organization, founded in 1986 by the child and adult psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Professor Panayiotis Sakellaropoulos. The SSP P. Sakellaropoulos has made a significant contribution to Greece’s psychiatric reform by providing high-quality psychiatric and psychological support services to promote good mental health and well-being.

The Forum, which takes place annually, aims to bring together the scientific community and all those interested in mental health issues, in order to develop an open dialogue on the development and completion of a sustainable psychiatric reform, according to the vision of Professor of Psychiatry – Child Psychiatry, Panagiotis Sakellaropoulos. This year’s theme was “Art and Mental Health” and related to the deep conviction of its founder Panagiotis Sakellaropoulos and of his associates that the contribution of art is significant in the course of treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation of the individual.



In the framework of the forum, which was co-organized by the HCPS P. Sakellaropoulos and the Dare Dance Digitalize-The 3D Project of Antonis Bertos, the recipients of mental health services of HCPS P. Sakellaropoulos and the teenagers’ group of the Dare Dance Digitalize-The 3D project, created the dance and poetry work for the camera (videodance) “For you”. The idea of Art & Mental Health for the 3rd forum was born out of the two previous Fora. It was inspired as well by the appearance of Covid-19, the condition of sterilization, isolation, and confinement, while art was chosen as a response to this challenge.

The last forum took place on November 13 2021, in the Zoom platform and was broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the SSP P. Sakellaropoulos in Greece.


Professionals from the field of mental health and culture, as well as artists and mental health service recipients.


“Throughout my participation in the creation of the video, what I liked the most was experimenting with dance moves which gave me the freedom to express my emotions and share my experience of the lockdown. I would like to say that all of us therapists, service recipients, and dancers became a team and worked very well with each other. Last but not least, I wish that we repeat something similar in the future as it was something new to me that made me feel good and meet other people.”

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