Literature as a coping strategy REWRITALIZE is a study of the impact of a new type of intervention in psychiatry based on literary fiction facilitated by fiction writers. The intervention aims to bring about positive psychological change and self-perceived recovery in people suffering from mental health issues. The intervention is based on a pilot project […]


Culture Vitamins (DK)

A “culture on prescription” programme for people on sick leave Cultural Vitamins (Kulturvitaminer) is a programme developed by the Health and Culture Administration and anchored in the Centre for Mental Health in the municipality of Aalborg. Local cultural institutions/actors participated in delivering the activities and are: Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, Aalborg Libraries, Aalborg

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The Creative Heroes (DK)

A free space filled with imagination, immersion, and creative expression for sick children Creativity, play, immersion and imagination are valuable and developing for all children (and adults). But for children and families who have illness and diagnoses close to home, it can often be more difficult to find time, space and framework for the creative

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Floating Museum (IT)

A cultural voyage through the Ligurian ports, highlighting the boat as a socio-health ambassador The project is Europe’s first floating museum of Art Brut, in the boat Leon Pancaldo. The practice is supported by the Redancia group, which cares for and rehabilitates psychiatric patients. Website: Activities “Il barattolo”, a voluntary association sensitive to psychic

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Spiraglio Film Festival (IT)

An informative and rehabilitative project Lo spiraglio is a festival of culture and health promotion, consisting of the viewing and production of films. It is an informative but also rehabilitative project, as it consists in integrating the work of mental health workers, users, experts and volunteers, allowing different experiences and backgrounds to interact. The complexity

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Animating Workshops (PT)

Solidarity projects in relation to mental health AFARAM (Associação de Familiares e Amigos do Doente Mental da Região Autónoma da Madeira / Family and Friends of the Mentally Ill Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira) is a non-profit private institution dedicated to solidarity projects in relation to mental health. Created in 2001, in 2002

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Bridges to Inclusion (PT)

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services of Hospital Magalhães Lemos (HML) aim to contribute for the recovery and acquisition of personal and social competences for people with severe mental health disabilities, necessary to be able to function within a community, which requires an ability to be autonomous and be able to maintain quality of life within the

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Group of Dance-Therapy (PT)

Change through dance “From Process to Performance” Dança Movimento Terapia or DMT (Dance and Movement Therapy) is a corporal psychotherapy which uses movement as the main tool to facilitate communication between each other and oneself. It allows an open space for corporal, mental and emotional expression, when words are not enough to convey it.  Núcleo

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Art & Mental Health Forum (GR)

Developing an open dialogue on the development of a sustainable psychiatric reform On Saturday 13 November 2021, the 3rd Panagiotis Sakellaropoulos Forum on “Art & Mental Health” was successfully organized with distinguished people from the field of mental health and culture, and artists – service recipients. SSP P. Sakellaropoulos is a non-profit, scientific organization, founded

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