Spiraglio Film Festival (IT)

An informative and rehabilitative project

Lo spiraglio is a festival of culture and health promotion, consisting of the viewing and production of films. It is an informative but also rehabilitative project, as it consists in integrating the work of mental health workers, users, experts and volunteers, allowing different experiences and backgrounds to interact. The complexity and diversity of the cultural backgrounds of each participant helps to break down barriers and stigma, while at the same time providing a scientific and artistic slant to the festival.

Website: www.lospiragliofilmfestival.org


The organisation of the festival is articulated in different activities, which take the form of different paths aimed at a broader rehabilitative treatment. The main aspect of the initiative is integration: like a public cultural agency, each person involved in the project has a role in film criticism, photography, cataloguing, video editing and graphics.

Thanks to the artistic and scientific direction, each edition of the festival offers a description of mental health through images, videos and films. The festival takes place over four different days, on which short films, feature films and films out of competition are screened.

The festival takes place in theatres and museums in the city of Rome. The festival is directed by the Department of Mental Health of ASL Roma1 and in collaboration with the MAXXI Museum in Rome.


Users of the ASL Roma1 Mental Health Department, but also volunteers and professionals.

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