Art4More (GR)

A Festival dedicated to contemporary art, Mental Health, and social issues

ART4MORE is an innovative International Festival dedicated to contemporary art, Mental Health, and public awareness of social issues. It is held annually by the EDRA Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups, a civil, non-profit, cooperative organization, on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day (October 10).

Since 2007, ART4MORE has established itself as the first festival in Greece that connects Art and Mental Health, hosting over 300 distinguished Greek and foreign artists.

ART4MORE is addressed to the general public in an effort to raise awareness to combat the stigma and discrimination that accompanies mental health conditions, as well as to mental health professionals, professional artists, and mental health agencies. The festival is designed to be consistent with the city and its dynamics, inviting visitors to take an active role in the awareness-raising process it proposes. Each year a new theme is selected, bringing together contemporary international works from the fields of visual arts, music, film, architecture, theatre, dance, new media and design. The 3-day programme of the festival includes exhibitions, workshops for children & adults, screenings, discussions, events, musical concerts, etc.



Each year the festival explores a different central social awareness issue through contemporary international artworks, including visual arts, music, drama, dance, architecture, new media, and design. The festival is being held under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Health and the Greek Ministry of Culture.

In 2021, the ART4MORE festival was held in Serafio, in Athens, Greece.


A wide range of professionals working in the field of art and mental health, such as psychologists and art therapists, artists, mental health agencies and the services’ beneficiaries.


“Mental health is a state of constant transition, where people and societies are rapidly transforming and evolving. The means of transportation and modern public transport of Athens, the docks, platforms, and other spaces are used as the main artistic site for the presentation of the Festival’s activities, which include the 2021 Festival: Exhibitions, theatre forms, workshops, talks, and musical performances.”

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