Good practices


The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services of Hospital Magalhães Lemos (HML) aim to contribute for the recovery and acquisition of personal and READ MORE
art 4 psy
Promoting Social Inclusion through Art The vision of the ART4PSY project is to set up sustainable European cooperation for using READ MORE
Personalise communal spaces in a participatory way "Belli dentro: curare i luoghi di cura"  is a project promoted by the READ MORE
Solidarity projects in relation to mental health AFARAM (Associação de Familiares e Amigos do Doente Mental da Região Autónoma da READ MORE
A free space filled with imagination, immersion, and creative expression for sick children Creativity, play, immersion and imagination are valuable READ MORE
A Festival dedicated to contemporary art, Mental Health, and social issues ART4MORE is an innovative International Festival dedicated to contemporary READ MORE
Literature as a coping strategy REWRITALIZE is a study of the impact of a new type of intervention in psychiatry READ MORE
Developing an open dialogue on the development of a sustainable psychiatric reform On Saturday 13 November 2021, the 3rd Panagiotis READ MORE
An informative and rehabilitative project Lo spiraglio is a festival of culture and health promotion, consisting of the viewing and READ MORE
Change through dance “From Process to Performance" Dança Movimento Terapia or DMT (Dance and Movement Therapy) is a corporal psychotherapy READ MORE
A cultural voyage through the Ligurian ports, highlighting the boat as a socio-health ambassador The project is Europe's first floating READ MORE
A “culture on prescription” programme for people on sick leave Cultural Vitamins (Kulturvitaminer) is a programme developed by the Health READ MORE

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